What Is Imperial Water Polo?

Imperial Water Polo Club, Inc. (IWPC) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and was established to foster and promote the amateur sport of water polo.  IWPC is organized to benefit boys and girls of all abilities and is operated in accordance with the standards and under the rules prescribed by FINA and USAWP. IWPC is a club member of USA Water Polo (ID: 33808) and competes in Southern Pacific Zone (Sopac, http://www.sopacwp.com).

Why should I join Imperial WPC

The Imperial Water Polo Club is run by Olympians and long time successful water polo coaches and players. It aims to help water polo players throughout Orange County acquire the necessary skills to be successful throughout their water polo careers and beyond. A focus on fundamentals and skill development, in an environment that encourages teamwork, perseverance, and a commitment to achieving one’s personal best, provides our players with the foundation necessary to transition into higher levels of play. Ultimately, we hope to instill a love for the game and a healthy appreciation for the hard work it takes to be successful, both as a water polo player and in life. If you are an experienced water polo player in Orange County or are interested in learning water polo as a new player, contact our club today.

Board of Directors

Dragan Jovanovic
Pavle Filipovic
Milos Ribic